Flag Hoisting & Rifai Rathib to mark 137th year commemoration of Sultan ul Aarifeen Seyyed Ahmed ul Kabeer ur Rifai (Qaddasallahu Sirrahul Azeez) was held on the 2nd of March 2014 at RTA,
No:30, Rifai Thangal Lane, Colombo-12.

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The Rifai Thareeq Association (RTA) of Sri Lanka was founded in 1877 by His Eminence Seyyid Muhammed Yoosuf Rifai Thangal, at the Mohideen Mosque, Siripina Lane (now known as Rifai Thangal Lane), Colombo 12. He was the great grand-father of our present Rifai Moulana Al-Haj Muhammed Ashique Thangal. About 10 years later, his great grand-uncle established this Thareeqa at Kapuwatte, Weligama, where subsequently our Moulana’s grand-father built a Jumma Mosque.

Our Rifai Moulana and his forefathers, since 1877, have been rendering yeoman service to thousands of Sri Lankan muslims, helping them during their times of distress and difficulties by assisting them to seek solace in the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and in the traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (on whom be peace and blessings). Thus, they have rendered 125 years of unbroken service to us through this Association.

Ladies Arabic College Muhiyaddeen Jumma Masjid
Rifayiya Ladies’ Arabic College was established in September 2003 with 35 students. While several institutions provide such education for boys, there are only few that cater to Muslim girls with...

read more
The Kapuwatta Jumma Mosque in Weligama, located in the Southern part of Sri Lanka, was re-built in 1887 by His Holiness the late Seyyad Muhammad Yoosuf Moulana Thangal, the founder of the Rifai Thareeqa... read more
Ongoing Projects
Present number of students in each area of study
# Division Students
Rifayiya Ladies' Arabic College

Education Fund

Vocational Training

Rifayiya Boys' Arabic College
Prayer Times
5 Jumada Al-Awwal 1437
February 14, 2016
Prayer Time
Fajar 5:11
Sunrise 6:27
Zuhr 12:25
Asr 3:46
Magrib 6:22
Isha 7:33
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Rifai Ratheeb Audio CDs and DVDs availabe at RTA Head office.
US$. 5/- per set of CD/DVD (including local postage)
US$ 10/- per set of CD/DVD (including International postage)
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