Commencement of new syllabus

In Sha Allah, Rifayiya Ladies Arabic College (RLAC) and Rifayiya Boys Arabic College (RBAC) will commence studies under new syllabus from 25th June 2018. The books were specially printed solely for RBAC and RLAC. We are grateful to the President of Rifai Thareeq Youth Association (RTYA), Al Haj Ahmed Azwar al Azhari for his contribution in preparing the syllabus, new books and getting highly qualified lecturers, Brother Rajoos Al Azhari and Dr.Siddeek Al Azhari.

Brother Rajoos Al-Azhari is a former lecture of Maldives Islamic University for last fifteen years while Dr Siddeeq Al-Azhari got his PhD from international Islamic University Malaysia (specialized in Hadith Al- Rasool PBUH)

We will also be starting Advanced Level classes at RLAC from 25th June 2018 under the guidance of Seyyad waris Ali Moulana former principal of Arafa National school.

Our gratitude to HH Asseyyad Al Haj U. P. ASHIQUE THANGAL for their untiring efforts and guidance for the successful operation of RTA RLAC RBAC

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