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Rifai Thareeq Association Sponsorship Appeal

Dear Brothers and sisters in Islam, Assalamu alaikkum,

The Rifai Thareeq Association of Sri Lanka (RTA) was founded in 1877 by His Eminence Seyyad Muhammad Yoosuf Rifai Thangal at the Muhiyaddeen Mosque, Siripina Lane (now known as Rifai Thangal Lane) in Colombo 12. This was followed by the establishment of the Thareeqa at Kapuwatte, Weligama (located in the Southern part of Sri Lanka) and subsequently the re-building of the Kapuwatta Jumma Mosque (in Weligama) in 1887 by His Holiness the late Seyyad Muhammad Rifai Thangal.

These mosques are now managed by the Rifai Thareeq Association, under the patronage and guidance of the late Thangal’s great grandson, His Holiness Al-Haj U. P. Seyyad Muhammed Ashique Thangal, Spiritual Leader and Life Patron of the association. Rifai Moulana and his forefathers have rendered 136 years of unbroken service to Sri Lanka through this association.

The Rifai Thareeq Association presently manages several institutions, the details of which are given in the next page. All expenses are funded by generous contributions from our members and well wishers. Due to the increasing expenses we are compelled to seek your kind as stance.

The annual expenses to manage all institutions mentioned is Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) 5.5 Million (USD 43,000)with the average expense per a day being approx. LKR 15,000 (USD 118). sponsorship of one day's expenses would enable us to manage two Mosques, two Arabic Colleges, a Qu'ran madrasa, and also help deserving students who are unable to continue their studies. Hence your commitment for a day’s sponsorship would only be approx. LKR 41 per day.

We humbly seek your kind support and geneourors contritibutions by way of sponsoring one or more days annually at your convenience.

We have enclosed a specimen of the sponsorship form for your reference and if you wish to get further details please contact the Management Committee members whose contact numbers are also given below.

We hope and pray for Almighty Allah's blessings to help us attain success in our future activities and also invoke blessings on all those who will liberally contribute towards this worthy project.

Thank you
Yours truly,
Cassim M. Bawa
Rifai Thareeq Association of Sri Lanka

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Contact details:

His Eminence Rifai Moulana
Al Haj U.P.Seyyad Muhammad Ashique Thangal
Life Patron and Spiritual Leader of
Rifai Thareeq Association of Sri Lanka
011 2431831
Moulavi Al Haj A.C.Ahamed Faleel Khaleefathur Rifayee 071 8442138
Moulavi Al Haj M.S. Abdullah Principal- RLAC 077 2206636
Al Haj Cassim M Bawa Chairman, RTA 071 4307861
Al Haj Naizer Cader Chairman, RLAC 077 7376566
Al Haj Reeza Saleem Chairman, RBAC 077 7749980
Al Haj M. Haniffa Ishak Chairman, KJM Building Fund 072 2262463
Al Haj Mohideen Cader Chairman, RLAC Building Fund 077 7277100
Al Haj Mohamed Naufer Secretary, RTA 077 7266163
Al Haj M. Afzal Deen Secretary, RLAC 077 7300108
Mr. M. F. A. M. Akmal Secretary, KJM 077 3202530
Mr. Refai M Ali Treasurer, RTA 077 7326654
Al Haj S.M. Navas Treasurer, RLAC 077 8848577
Mr. Ahamed Barry Treasurer, KJM Building Fund 077 7576032

Institutions Managed by Rifai Thareeq Association of Sri Lanka

  • Muhiyaddeen (Thakkiya) Mosque – Rifai Thangal Lane, Colombo 12
  • Muhiyaddeen Jumma Mosque – Kapuwatta, Weligama
  • Rifayiya Ladies' Arabic College – Kapuwatta, Weligama
  • Rifayiya Boys Arabic College – Kapuwatta, Weligama
  • Rifayiya Quran Madrasa – Kapuwatta, Weligama
  • Rifayiya Educational Development Fund – Kapuwatta, Weligama
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