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The Kapuwatta Jumma Mosque in Weligama, located in the Southern part of Sri Lanka, was re-built in 1887 by His Holiness the late Seyyad Muhammad Yoosuf Moulana Thangal, the founder of the Rifai Thareeqa in Sri Lanka. The mosque will be reaching its 125th year in 2012 Insha Allah. It was built with the objective of guiding the locals, in their spiritual journey and to provide the Jamaath (congregation) opportunity for the Muslim community in the Kapuwatte area. Over the years, improvements have been made to the mosque by the sons and grandsons of the late Thangal - His Holiness Al-Haj Nalla Koya Thangal and His Holiness Al-Haj Yoosuf Koya Thangal. The mosque is now managed by the Rifai Thareeq Association, under the patronage and guidance of his great grandson His Holiness Al-Haj U. P. Seyyad Ashique Thangal, spiritual leader and life patron of the association.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Al Haj M. Haniffa Ishak (Chairman)   Al Haj Mohideen Cader   Mr. M. S. M. Ruwais
Mr. M. F. A. M. Akmal (Secretary)   Al Haj M. M. M. Sabry    
Al Haj M. A. M. Awfer (Treasurer)   Al Haj Zuhri Salih    

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